Need our help?

As an organisation, BARsoc are available to help anybody that has a query regarding something that may be of a paranormal nature. Below are a few of the things that our members can help with.

Personal enquiries

If you have personally experienced something strange, or you have footage, a photo or similar that you would like a second opinion on then please feel free to get in touch. Not all research is published on our website. 

Press enquiries

If you are a journalist, producer or researcher and you have been sent a photo or a testimony that appears to be paranormal but you would like an opinion on it, or you want to talk to a representative please feel free to get in touch.

Public speaking

If you are organising an event such as a conference or similar and you are looking for speakers for a paranormal theme there are some members of BARsoc who may be able to help. Get in touch and we will help put you in touch with somebody similar.

Topic covered are: ghosts, hauntings, psychology behind hauntings, crop circles, psychics and mediums, testing paranormal claims, UFO’s, monsters, cryptozoology research, folklore, fraud and hoaxing, and similar.